About me

My artistic practice is an intuitive process. I draw inspiration from different disciplines such as psychology, philosophy and theology, tapping into them and accessing my subconscious. My paintings are a reflection of my inner reality, which in turn is affected by the larger reality around me. As Alain Badiou states, “Art is the process of a truth, and this truth is always the truth of the sensible or sensual […] the transformation of the sensible into a happening of the Idea.” This phenomenon is reflected in my own practice. I try not to overthink what compels me to create, instead, I rely on the “sensible or sensual,” and I only attempt to interpret my work after the fact.


Narek Barseghyan (1993) is an artist based in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated from Armenia’s Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, where he was classically trained in the department of painting. In 2016, he was awarded the distinguished Presidential Youth Prize for painting regarding his series “Identity”.

Artist in Residency
2023- East-West Resident: Villa Empain in Brussels, Belgium

2017- Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Main, USA.


2024 March, “My soul in Exile” Annual Festival of Alternative Art, group exhibition, ACCEA, Yerevan https://www.accea.info/my-soul-in-exil/

2023 – November, “And what’s under your skin”, Solo exhibition, Henrik Igityan national centre for aesthetics, Yerevan

2023 – March, “To The One I Loved [Նրան ում ես սիրեցի],” Solo Exhibition, Firdusi 48, Yerevan
2022 – September, “Sensor” festival at the Byurakan, Radio Optical Observatory, Byurakan
2021 – December, “Tomorrow” group exhibition at the Cafesjian Center of the Arts. Yerevan https://www.cmf.am/TOMORROW/status/3/page/3
2019 – May, “Urvakan” festival. Yerevan
2018 – July, Roadmaps, Honeypump Gallery at AGBU Armenia, Yerevan
2018 – May, “The Leather Show”: Solo exhibition, HAYP Pop Up Gallery at the Mergelyan, Yerevan https://haypopup.com/portfolio/hayp-11/
2017- April,  “Down_Shift” HAYP Pop Up Gallery at Northern Avenue, Yerevan https://haypopup.com/portfolio/hayp-9-0/
2016 – December, “Untitled” Solo exhibition at AGBU Armenia, Yerevan


Email: narekbarseghyanart@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalika_monster/?hl=en